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Is Magento 2 good for mobile?

Magento 2 good for mobile?

Magento 2 has just released for a while and already became one of the most important e-commerce platforms. It has many new and improved features, and its architecture is quite different from all the previous versions. Thus, Magento 2 are superior to Magento 1 in many aspects. Meanwhile, observers have ...

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5 Best Responsive Magento Themes For Mobile Stores In 2015

Responsive Magento theme

Simicart – Magento mobile shopping apps development – the best solution for mobile commerce ! As you may know, the fast-paced growth in e-commerce industry is affecting profoundly on the people’s lives. The utilization of Magento platform during this time is understandable because of undeniable benefit that it brings to ...

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Magento Review: Why Magento Is Worth It?

Magento review

First and foremost, it is said that Magento platform is a potent e-commerce system with a steep learning curve whose aim is at larger e-commerce sites. However, once developing an e-commerce solution, it needs to be more than just technology. In the field of e-commerce, the underlying technology is usually ...

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Reasons Why You Should Not Rely On Free Magento Hosting


People are always attracted by free stuff, but “free” is not good enough all the time. Studying Magento, it is likely Magento developers would hear about free Magento hosting so many times. In fact, free Magento hosting is also among the free but not good solutions. Everything happens for a ...

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3 Approaches To Complete Magento Design


A perfect Magento design has a positive impact on your online business If you intend to design a Magento website, keep in mind that there are many things you need to consider before putting them in the “drawing board”. This article is going to show you some helpful tips to ...

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What If Magento Images Cannot Be Uploaded?


Customers interact with Magento e-commerce website through Magento images… As you may know, the online store can not offer products for customers to touch and examine them from every side, so Magento images are really necessary. But problem relating to Magento images also often occurs. For example, you cannot add ...

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Helpful Advice For Beginners In Magento Development

Magento development

Magento, in fact, is not a simple open source platform. Newcomers may get difficulty in gaining Magento development…. Although downloading and installing Magento on your device is quite simple, Magento development seems to be a tough mission for beginners. That is the reason why “Helpful advice for beginners in Magento development” ...

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How To Build A Successful Fashion E-Commerce Website


The fashion industry is what Magento mainly aims at, but how to build a successful fashion e-commerce website requires many things… There are some elements determining the success of a fashion e-commerce website. According to a statistics, 21% of users leave a website when the process takes too much time, ...

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How To Speed Up Magento Website In A Short Time

speed up Magento website

Nowadays, loading time is the key factor determining the success of a Magento website. For the most part, users tend to leave a website with slow loading speed  and do not wish to turn back such website again. Does your website bear the same situation? It usually takes you about ...

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