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Is Magento 2 good for mobile?

Magento 2 good for mobile?

Magento 2 has just released for a while and already became one of the most important e-commerce platforms. It has many new and improved features, and its architecture is quite different from all the previous versions. Thus, Magento 2 are superior to Magento 1 in many aspects. Meanwhile, observers have ...

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Create mobile apps: 5 things you should consider

create mobile apps

The idea is paramount. From design to marketing, conception to reality, a lot of work is necessary to do before ending up with a productive venture. With the right approach and effort, anyone can create mobile apps successfully. Let’s say you have a great idea, what should you do next? ...

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Magento mobile: How does the iPhone app work?

magento mobile

Magento mobile app is becoming an indispensable part for current e-commerce businesses because of its undeniable advantages. Being easily built on popular OS such as Android and iOS, it can win the heart of thousands of app developers. Watching the Varien webinar on Magento mobile, especially the launch of Magento ...

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Benefit Of Integrating Magento Store And Magento Mobile App

Magento mobile

As Magento is becoming a prominent open source platform for e-commerce, the integration between Magento store and Magento mobile app is what can be foreseen. But why so many online businesses should take this action? The answer is that integrating Magento store and Magento mobile app brings about so extreme ...

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Top 3 Analytics Reports For Great Magento Mobile App Use

analytics reports for magento mobile apps

Smart Magento mobile developers now know that developing and releasing a magento mobile app is just the first step in the long journey to delivering a successful app in this competitive e-commerce market. If you want to make your magento mobile app successful, you need to measure the right metrics, and ...

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Magento Mobile – Do You Really Need It For Your Business?


Magento Mobile – Do you really need it for your business? It has become easier than ever before to open up your own business because of the Internet. When selling services and products online, the investment necessary to have your own business are significantly lower than the ‘traditional’ means. This is one ...

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Magento Mobile Apps: Top 3 Must-Have Analytics Tools

magento mobile apps

If you’re looking for a FREE analytics tool for Magento Mobile Apps today, look for depth of functionality in the following areas: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue. Consider your mobile app marketing objectives and choose a solution that fulfils your requirements with minimal hassle and cost. We’ve purposefully focused on the mobile apps’ ...

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