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Shopping Apps: Why Target Customers Remove App From Phone

remove app from phone

As you can see, the number of mobile shopping apps stores is increasing significantly in every minute. Every month, over 45000 apps are added to the mobile store. However, just focus on developing your app is not enough but it should be combined with the strategy of keeping customers engaged ...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Mobile Shopping App

mobile shopping app

With a smartphone on hands, users are likely to have more choices of shopping on mobile marketing. With a mobile app, a business can spread their influence to a large scale and gain much more profit than just focusing on traditional channels of selling products. Use Magento mobile shopping apps ...

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How To Develop Magento IOS App Successfully

Magento iOS app

As Magento is becoming optimal choice for e-commerce business, at the same time, the number of iOS mobile users is rising significantly, the integration between them becomes a certain thing. The first and best Solution to create Magento Mobile App Do you want to develop a successful Magento iOS app ...

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Top 7 Outstanding Mobile Marketing Success Stories (Part 2)

mobile marketing

(Continue…) Part 1: Click here  #5 Starbucks As the mobile era took a stride, Starbucks took this opportunity to carry out unique mobile marketing campaign, which would make paying for coffee quicker and easier for customers. In 2011 January, there were averagely 6800 company-operated Starbucks in the USA taking use ...

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