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Top 8 Key Technical Reminders In Building A Mobile App With Dps

Having the intention of building a mobile app, you at least used to think of Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) to publish your app, moreover deploy it to one or more marketplaces or mobile app builder. One thing to remember is that whether you build an internal mobile device management system or public distribution, you will need to check and test your app several times. In this process, you’d better take advantage of the 8 following technical tips to help you simplify the building a mobile app and manage the app more easily and efficiently. To have more efficient UI design, you can check here!


1.Use an informative project name

Your project name just can be seen on the DPS Portal and your readers will not see it. Make sure to use an informative project name when building a mobile app so other team members can identify the project more clearly. Do not use generic or blank words to create project name. As the date of project creation takes control of the order for your project, you can not delete a project this time, so you should verify the project name to make sure it is active.

2.Keep track with the project settings which can be changed

The project settings include a brand image, project name and social sharing, all of which can be changed. This means that you can modify the name in the DPS Portal, change the brand image, turn the sharing on or off easily, change the brand image without rebuilding your app. But take notice that there are something that are unchanged such as link URL, Analytics report and whether you have one or two top levels in your app. When building a mobile app, you should identify what should be changed carefully.

3.Pay attention to the differences between the project and mobile apps

The most basic difference is that a specific project can contain many mobile apps. You may have a development app and a distribution app for each marketplace or platform. All mobile apps in this project will share the same collections, contents, layouts and cards.

differences between the projects and apps

A particular app in a project will have its own name. You can modify the app name to signify a developer (preflight-enabled) version to identify the app on your device more easily. You can also append “PF” to your preflight app name to label it on your device. By doing so, you will never be fascinated to signing a preflight app with a distribution certificate and submit it to the store.

4. Utilize unique bundle IDS

The Bundle ID helps to show off the app to the market place or platform store, and it is an important part of mobile provision file which is used when signing the app on iOS. As you use unique Bundle IDS for both developer and distribution apps, you will have both of them installed at the same time. This may simplify the process of your preflight to one app for testing and publishing to your readers.

5.Building a mobile app with preflight or not preflight

It is said that activating preflight for an app will provide a powerful proofing workflow for content, layouts, collections and cards.

Preflight apps will show off all the current content after clicking the preflight button. These apps will not pay attention to the content that is published. You can also use developer push with your preflight app, but the difficulty is that you can not test subscription or purchases with a preflight app.

preflight or not preflight in building  a mobile app

Distribution apps with preflight not enabled will only show published content and not care about both out-of-date and unpublished content. Such apps can be signed with either distribution or developer credentials.

If you sign a distribution app with developer credentials, you can be able to test subscription and purchases, but this app will not care about push notification.

6.Whether to maintain two apps per platform

Now you can understand what preflight enable does, what should be considered is whether maintaining both a production app and preflight enabled for each platform is worthy.

Building a mobile app with two apps can bring about greater flexibility to test and publish and can give smooth experience if they are labelled well.

The custom preflight app is equipped with custom fonts and is highly recommended for iOS, Android, Windows and even other kinds of devices on a single platform might render the metadata labels differently. If you are confused about this issue, you can test it with a custom preflight app.

7.Identify when you have to rebuild your mobile app

In building a mobile app, the question of when the mobile app needs to be rebuilt seems to be ignored, but in fact if DPS engineering adds a new app feature, you will need to rebuild your app and submit an update to benefit from the new feature. If you are using separate developer and distribution apps in a project, it will be easy to rebuild and test app using preflight version. Then, when you get satisfied with the new feature, continue to rebuilt your distribution app and submit an update to MDM or app store.

8.Project name and app name are not the same

It is very important in building a mobile app that you should keep clear identification of what you are working on. This will help you to avoid unexpected mistakes. The project name in the DPS Portal will be the label used inside the DPS Portal for all the work, features and materials for what will go into the app on one or more device platforms. Just use the name that helps you to distinguish projects and resist using a name that is too similar to the app name.

project name and app name differences

Comprehend 8 technical tips???

Now, catch specific guide for beginners to create a mobile app!

With above 8 technical tips, hopefully, when building a mobile app, you will not any unexpected mistakes, helping your mobile app stand at the top level. And no matter what mobile app builders you use when building a mobile app, always remember these 8 tips to really get success.


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