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5 Best Responsive Magento Themes For Mobile Stores In 2015

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As you may know, the fast-paced growth in e-commerce industry is affecting profoundly on the people’s lives. The utilization of Magento platform during this time is understandable because of undeniable benefit that it brings to e-commerce businesses.

As a rule, the integration between Magento website and Magento mobile extension is playing a very important role in raising the revenue as well as attracting more customers in each business.

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There is a large number of stores using Magento today, each of which sells different products and is of separate fields such as fashion items, furniture, technical devices,…But the same point here is that all of the owners of such products want the synchronization between the Magento website with Magento mobile shop to expand their influence to the market. But the question raised by most of them is that Which is the most suitable responsive Magento theme to apply for their store.

In this article, today, if you are owning a store selling cell phones and you are considering choosing the most suitable responsive Magento theme for your mobile store, then you should dive into this because you will be provided with the most favorable responsive Magento mobile themes in 2015 along with their most unique features. Pick out the one you like most for your cell phones store, it will definitely not make you disappointed.

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#1 Responsive Magento theme Ves Styleshop

Styleshop is said to be the responsive Magento theme which is designed especially for the baby store, style shop, interior store and mobile store for sure. Styleshop is created meeting all the modern web design standards and the latest usability requirement allowing you to create and configure multi-theme, languages and store at ease.

Built on potent Bootstrap 3.0 and Venus Framework 2.0, Styleshop is totally responsive and highly tailored for any heavy Magento store. With responsive Magento theme Styleshop, your mobile store will look very attractive and professional so is the mobile app of it.

Responsive Magento theme

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#2 Responsive Magento theme Ves Janus

Ves Janus is known for its smart, modern, responsive design and stunning visual effects. With Ves Janus, your mobile store will appear so professional as it is built to apply mostly for fashion store, electronic store, glasses store, bag store, digital store, mobile store…for sure. This kind of responsive Magento theme is also built with the most updated technologies HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Awesome 4. In addition, it offers users with drag and drop Magento Page builder which can simplify the process of building Magento mobile store.

Responsive Magento theme

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#3 Responsive Magento theme Raboda

Raboda is a responsive Magento theme with powerful Theme Framework which is mostly used for fashion products, accessories, mobile devices, computers,…The Mega Menu is equipped with big database containers and logical arrangement which help the customers feel more comfortable when navigating in the store. Besides, the big slideshow is also a unique feature as it can bring great experiences to the users. Raboda responsive Magento theme uses an application of Twitter called Bootstrap as well as Google fonts and Awesome icon fonts to raise the aesthetics for this theme. Using this responsive Magento theme means that you can integrate it with many extensions such as brand slider, featured products slide, ajax login, upsell slider, related slider,….Such extensions can make the theme become more flexible and boost the revenue as a result.

Responsive Magento theme

#4 Responsive Magento theme Everything Store

Everything store is the kind of responsive Magento theme with advanced admin module. In addition, you will be attracted by its customization and being fully responsive. It is also suitable for every type of store and very ideal to start your custom projects. This responsive Magento theme is built on Bootstrap 3 framework and run smoothly on desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

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#5 Responsive Magento theme Flaton

Flaton is of Retina Ready Magento theme used for mobiles/laptop/digital/accessories store. Designed with white background combining with green, blue or pink which can bring to the users the fresh feeling and comfortable experience. Flaton is very popular because of its undeniable advantage: it is fully responsive when you convert from a website to a mobile version. It can help the interface to adapt when screen size changes, therefore, you can access and take control of your mobile store via handheld devices like smartphones or laptop. With Flaton, the hottest products with discount prices will be displayed fully. Categories are shown in slides with blue and thumbnail image of each category. Besides, the Testimonial and Blog can help to connect the owner with clients by comments, feedbacks….

Responsive Magento theme

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In short,

By diving into the above most outstanding responsive Magento themes in 2015, it is hoped that you can find out the most appropriate responsive Magento theme for your mobile store so that it can bring about the huge benefit for your business.

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