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Magento mobile: How does the iPhone app work?

Magento mobile app is becoming an indispensable part for current e-commerce businesses because of its undeniable advantages. Being easily built on popular OS such as Android and iOS, it can win the heart of thousands of app developers.

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Watching the Varien webinar on Magento mobile, especially the launch of Magento application on iPhone, people may totally believe that nothing is impossible with Magento platform.

Each person will have different opinions on the mobile strategy that retailers should follow. Econsultancy gives a recommendation that a business should build a mobile site working cross-platform first and build apps later when the analytics support them. On the other hand, Varien suggests that a potential business should establish a combined mobile app and site strategy.

The cost of a building is what eConsultancy states out clearly, but it seems like that Varien has set up a really cost-saving strategy for Magento Enterprise and Professionals experts, which will motivate the better change in the quality as well as increase the range of mobile e-commerce apps remarkably.

How does Magento mobile strategy work on iPhone device?

Firstly, all retailers need to download and install Magento mobile extensions on their Professional (1.8+) and on their Enterprise (1.6+) website.

Then, they configure the mobile app preferences and submit the configuration. All initial data XML are also sent to Varien (through an admin function).

Varien will bundle their iPhone app, data and configuration into a new mobile app, which then will be uploaded to iTunes on behalf of the retailers.

After that, the consumers will download the iPhone app and start to interact with the retailers providing it with the same account as used by them on normal web interaction. (This can make CRM link the iPhone and web interaction together).

The retailer can totally change the product data, configuration, as well as design in the admin page and all of information, will be updated on iPhone devices using their app automatically.

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The Magento mobile app here looks very advanced and well-designed. There are also many things to be configured in terms of functionality and visuals. All the integration with back-end systems, payment gateway,..will be taken care of as the app interacts directly with your Magento app as if you were using it through a webpage. Merchants may find out the restrictions on the payment methods to be used, but other integrations should work out if they have been implemented well.

One more significant point in this post is that the cost to carry out Magento mobile strategy on iPhone device is very low, so retailers who already have Professional or Magento Enterprise edition can get a Magento iPhone app up and run for a lot less than they would have paid before.


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