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7 Ways To Optimize Mobile Checkout Process To Enhance Purchasing Power

As a mobile phone user, you may install a mobile shopping app to satisfy your hobby of going shopping. If you are on the go, it will be great if you can purchase products on the phone without spending much time visiting the store.

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Most of the online shoppers will be appealed to a mobile app with simple navigation: from getting access to the app till checkout process. The checkout process seems to be the last, but the most important person because how it is structured determines the purchasing power of online customers. The simpler the process is, the more likely the customers will accept the payment.

Imagine that after your customers surf your product pages and pick out the item they are most interested in, decide to add it to the shopping cart going to checkout process but your app requires them to navigate too much, this will certainly make them feel uncomfortable, leave your app and visit your competitors’ app. This situation should not happen. But how to limit the occurrence of this negative position? The effective way to deal with this issue is making improvement on the checkout process to gain the desired checkout success rate and attract more and more loyal customers.

Let’s dive into some examples of mobile checkout process to see

How to optimize the checkout process?

#1 Removing distractions

checkout process

There are many things to do if you wish to raise the checkout process success rate. By sticking with some best practices, you can easily increase the success rate of the checkout navigation. And one of the most effective ways is to remove elements that cause distraction and friction with users. This action includes the removal of extra fields that are unnecessary and of website navigation. According to a report, every year, thousands of shoppers leave the shopping apps right when reaching the checkout page because of its complicated navigation. Therefore, keeping the checkout page clean and neat is an urgent task that each m-store owners should perform as soon as possible to keep loyal customers in the long term.

#2 Let the checkout users purchase as a guest 

It can be said that letting the purchasers check out as a guest is a very standard practice on the media, and especially on the mobile phone. Mobile shoppers will not be interested in the checkout process requiring them to create an account and confirm it. The statistics have shockingly revealed that a retailer gained $300 million profit in sales by removing the “Register” button.

#3 Display the process

checkout process

Managing your customer’s expectation of the time’s length and amount of steps needed to make purchase plays a very important role. It is stated out that 21% of consumers will leave the checkout process if it takes them too much time to continue.

Now, instead of giving them too many steps to spin them around, try to minimize each step as much as possible. At the same time, provide them with enough information, not too complicated one, thereby pushing them to buy your products immediately.

#4 Care about the time within checkout process

Time is another precious element in improving mobile checkout process. There are 74% of mobile visitors leaving the website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load a site. Shoppers have to complete an action, so let them do their task without bothering them.

Besides, you also can use real-time validation within the checkout process, then it will help reduce the chance of error message and prevent customers from submitting a form too many times.

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#5 Guarantee the security of purchasers

One of the negative factors affecting the abandonment of shoppers on a mobile shopping app is security. To overcome this issue, the designer must not be subtle but as clear as possible. It means that the app must provide as many reassurances as possible so that the customers’ information is secure and drive the point home. Using iconography, SSL certificates and dedicated callouts in copy, this can make the customers feel safe in purchasing products.

#6 Don’t let the users pinch-and-zoom

checkout process

To a mobile shopping app, there is nothing worse than making the users have to pinch-and-zoom within the checkout information filling. It will add more friction, then making the page less professional. You should make sure that every page in your app must be optimized to fit the mobile screen because if you overlook this problem, then the buyers have more reasons to turn their back to your app and visit the apps of competitors.

#7 Take use of a payment solution designed for mobile

As you may know, not all the payment solutions are built adequately, so one size will definitely not fit all in one case. You should resize the mobile app if your mobile shopping app is built not synchronized with the mobile devices.

Final thoughts,

The payment experience you provide customers should follow the above principles to reduce the checkout abandonment. From the users’ interface to the speed of payment completion, your payment solution should be designed to disappear into the background, not stick out like a sore thumb. Following the above rules, your mobile shopping app will certainly be the desired one for every customer.

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