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Magento Review: Why Magento Is Worth It?

First and foremost, it is said that Magento platform is a potent e-commerce system with a steep learning curve whose aim is at larger e-commerce sites. However, once developing an e-commerce solution, it needs to be more than just technology.

magento review

In the field of e-commerce, the underlying technology is usually overlooked if it brings about an optimal user experience. So are the tools that allow the store owners to run a cost-saving enterprise.

The fact is that, no matter what we build the solution ourselves or use the shelf software, all we need to focus on is the right tool for the job. Therefore, it will not disturb us much when a new client asks that we build his e-commerce site on Magento enterprise.

Magento review 1: Who is Magento used for?

Actually Magento platform is not for everyone but just some of the clients. Certainly, it is not used for everyone. According to some experts, if expected turnover of a business is not at least $1 million per year, then Magento is almost not the right choice for you.

Magento review 2: A steep learning curve

This is the phrase that comes up again and again when someone mention Magento platform. Whether you hire Magento developers or take advantage of your own staff, the result is the same. Magento review, in this case, includes the phrase “ A steep learning curve” but it is worth it. It is said that to simply skin the default Magento install is quite easy. Manage to get a custom design with products/categories up, then run and look different enough from the default install in some days, it will help differentiate your e-commerce website.

Magento review 3: Powerful and flexible

The reason why Magento review includes this statement is that Magento is a serious e-commerce platform for online shop owners. This great platform offers potent reporting features, deal with complicated discounting and vouchers, then can be integrated into other systems such as accounting and stock control.

Besides, Magento is extremely customizable. Most of the customization can be completed thoroughly via the flexible Admin Panel which is very simple to use.
Magento reviewIn addition to the admin interface customization using XML modules. There is also plugin structure that works much in the same way with WordPress. What more? As in WordPress, there is a vibrant community producing plugins you can use.

Magento review 4: Strong but confusing community

One of the greatest strengths of Magento is its community. Containing so many contributors, there is always someone building a plugin or knows the answer to a specific problem. There are also blog posts, books or other things.

Magento review

When mentioning the community, the quality is said to be patchy. You may never be sure how the updated information is and whether it is accurate or not. This is true of an open source community but with limited official documents.

The worse thing is that there are two versions of Magento with a wide variety of the community content focused on the open source version.

Magento review 5: Enterprise vs. Community versions

Magento offers two versions of its software. The first one is the Enterprise offering and the community (open source) version.

Magento review

The Enterprise offering is more expensive but is equipped with improved functionality, better support, and insurance.

On the other hand, the community version is built with the active community providing no guarantee that the advice and plugins they provide will work well with the Enterprise version.

In some cases, the community version is even more than adequate. The decision between the two versions come down as much as a technical one. It is important to make sure that business and users need to come first when considering whether to adopt Magento or not.

Magento review 6: It is not about the technology

There is no doubt about the efficiency of Magento. However, it is very crucial not to get caught up in its functionality and features. In the process of choosing the best software for your online shop, you need to ask yourself what you need instead of what the software offers. In some cases, Magento will be complex and the additional function will make users confused and make the running of the site complicated.

In short,

In considering who to launch Magento solution is not just of the development skills. Magento developers are a dime of dozen. Though there is a steep learning curve, it is not a huge challenge. The trick is that you should find an agency who has a track record in delivering a return on investment through a sustainable e-commerce business advice and great user experience design.


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