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Dominate M-Commerce With Excellent Magento Mobile Theme-Megamall

You own a Magento online store and are wondering if you should go for mobile shopping app or not. The problem is that your store is ready or not.

The key element to getting exposed to M-commerce industry lies on the selection of the best Magento responsive theme for your mobile website. Then the Magento mobile theme – MegaMall appears as a good solution for every mobile store. To understand this great mobile theme, keep on going with this article

Why mobile commerce?

First of all, you have to understand that the number of mobile users is rising day by day, so the demand for shopping via mobile devices is also extremely high. According to a study, in 2013, when M-commerce evolved to a very high pick, the total purchase through Mobile commerce reached 10.6 billion, which increased 24% versus the last year. The study also pointed out that M-commerce could exceed $25 billion for the whole year. In general, M-commerce is now more than 10% out of the -whole e-commerce sales without any sign of declining. Basing on these significant figures, there rises the reason for you to mobilize your Magento online store right away. Certainly, you should adopt MegaMall Magento mobile theme for your website in hopes of standing at the top position. So what does it possess to make mobile app developers pay attention to it all the time?

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Responsive layout

Magento mobile theme

Launching a mobile shopping app, a responsive layout is a must. The responsive layout will help your site visible transparently on mobile and tablet screen. With Magento mobile theme Megamall, the theme is totally responsive because the content is clearly shown on the collapsed mobile screen. In addition, the Magento extension Basetheme attached with it helps support specific mobile settings to allow users to take control of responsive settings.

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Neat Homepage with products spotlights

Magento mobile theme

When the content comes into the narrow screen, the most important thing is how to manage the content so that your store will not look like a mess, especially the Homepage.

The Homepage setup for a mobile phone is usually one column and for a tablet is two or three columns. It is ideal that the Homepage does not show too much unessential information as it is seen as a roadmap to guide the customers to come to the payment gateway. Being aware of this, MegaMall Magento mobile theme can meet the requirement of focusing on the most important things without distracting the customers too much.

Boost up the site navigation

The difference between a computer desktop and a mobile screen is that: in a computer site, you can view the menu with full products categories, but in the mobile phones, it needs to be changed a little bit.

If you want to make sure that your shoppers purchase your products once they visit your mobile store, let the customers navigate the store and find the products by themselves. With this issue, the off-canvas menu comes out as a feasible solution.

With MegaMall Magento mobile theme, just a touch can open the menu and all the products categories will be presented fully. This can save your space while still keeping your content readable.

Magento mobile theme

On the other hand, you even can use the site-wide navigation. Unlike Off-canvas menu, the side-wide navigation is a tweak version of the dropdown menu. When you touch slightly on the menu icon, the whole dropdown menu will appear then you will see the illustration easily below from wall theme.

Magento mobile theme

There will be a search box on the navigation bar to help you quickly search for products you want and save your time.

Optimize the product page

The most important part is always the product page. This is where your customers see your products information and make the decision to buy your products or not. Imagine that your products can not be displayed the right way, your business sales will be reduced for sure. But applying MegaMall Magento mobile theme with accordions and tabs on the products page, the content can be divided into separate categories and switching between them is much easier.

Magento mobile theme
Accordions for products page
Magento mobile theme
Tabs for products page

Categorizing your products details into accordions or tabs is an effective way to create a neat presentation of your site contents.

Simplify the checkout process

Magento mobile theme

In m-commerce, a complicated checkout process will discourage shoppers from getting closer to the payment gateway. In MegaMall Magento mobile theme, it is supported with anonymous check-out where the shoppers can quickly checkout and do payment without loging in or signing up. Though the registration is indispensable, it is suggested that the registration page should just show the most important information to make the customers feel more comfortable.

Reinforce your site security

Magento mobile theme

Security is one of the most crucial parts for every online store, nothing can lose loyal customers faster than an insecure site. When Magento 1.8 was released, the security is one of the parts that it pays the most attention. Especially this version of Magento has enhanced the security system against attackers and you can completely push your store into HTTPs right in the back-end for better security. Adopting MegaMall Magento mobile theme, you will not be worried about the security of your site.

In short,

With all the benefits from MegaMall Magento mobile theme, hopefully, you can draw a general picture of what needs to be done before setting up a mobile shopping cart: responsive layout, transparent content, smooth navigation, product pages optimization, simple checkout process and last but not least, the site security. As MegaMall Magento mobile theme can meet all the above requirements, there is no reason for you to refuse to apply this theme for your mobile store.

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