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25 Creative Ways To Gain The Best Mobile App For Free (Part 2)


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16. Hold a contest: Holding a contest is also an ideal initiative to gain the best mobile app as having customers get closer to your mobile app. You should encourage users to tweet or share about your app on the social network. The luckiest person will be picked every week and be given a promo code to download your app for free if your app is a paid one.

17. Create a Facebook group: Facebook is one of the huge social networks and you can gather all people interested in your app’s niche by creating a group on Facebook. If your app carters to hikers, then you should create a hiking group.


18. Get opportunities to talk about your mobile app: One of the good ways to gain the best mobile app is to hold events that touch on the topic your app addresses and make an attractive appearance. But first, start small and be recognized as an authority in space.

19. Take use of voicemail: It is quite a simple way to gain the best mobile app. You just need to include a creative mention of your app in your phone’s  voicemail recording.

20. Be smart to resolve negative reviews: Be aware that a happy customer is a brand ambassador of your app, therefore, negative reviews should be avoided to guarantee your app’s popularity.

21. Make goos use of App Store OptimizationYou can find this in the app store, use it and gain the best mobile app without any fee.

22. Get contact with admins of related Facebook pages: Your mission is to look for pages with more than 100k likes and reach out to their admins. Remember that the page must work effectively so that your app can have space to develop there. Then give the admins the reasons why your app should appear on their pages.

23. Optimize your email signature: Provide a catchy one-liner about your app along with the link to download it put in your email signature.

24. Offer a promotional price: If your app is of the paid one, consider offering a promotional price like $0.99 during the launch time. This price will be likely to encourage the impulse purchases.

25. Synchronize social with the app: It is obvious that any customers will find it easier to share your app with their friends. Path app will allow users to share photographs on social networks and Draw Something makes sure you rope in a friend or more.


Final thoughts,

With these 25 creative and free ways, it is certain that you will gain the best mobile app with the most optimal functions and features. Such ways are totally free, so your money is saved but your mobile app still has a great chance to develop.

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