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25 Creative Ways To Gain The Best Mobile App For Free (Part 1)

Building a successful mobile app is the goal of most app entrepreneurs. There are entrepreneurs spending a large amount of money on promoting an app. Some of them have earned millions of dollars selling their app, but the truth is, all want to gain the best mobile app for free. In this article, 25 most creative ways will be revealed to help mobile app developers promote a mobile app without any cost.

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In some cases, it is not necessary to pay advertising cost to attract customers because the cost of customer acquisition is always higher than the price of the app. What’s more, there are many ways to gain the best mobile app for free. Keep going on!

1. Create a microsite: This one or two-pager directs your app to the web audience. You can take use of Snapchat and Path in this case.

2. Build a demo website: You should do this one or two months before launching your official website to collect  fully the email addresses of people who are interested in your app’s launch.

3. Create a blog: Stick this blog with your microsite. One way to gain the best mobile app is how you write your blog and what content you intend to put in a blog. Whatever you do, make sure that all the contents in your blog must be attractive and interesting enough. Buffer app is a great example of an effective blog.


4. Socialize your content: with the unstoppable growth of social media, you can totally expand your content to reach more people. Take advantage of such famous social website like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn to promote the app regularly in a week, then you will gain the best mobile app in a short time.

5. Make a video for products’ instruction: Be sure that your video is creative, thought-provoking enough, and it should tell a meaningful story making people identify it well. Refer to the Dollar Shave Club to for more detail.

6.Get press it: According to entrepreneur Neil Patel, Press is really a good way to promote your startup and also the best way to get it reach out to journalists. Then you will gain the best mobile app as you expected.

7. Pitch to app review websites: Such sites as AppStoreApps and AppAdvicce can generate a lot of buzz for your app if they mention it.

8. Keep contact with bloggers who would care: Search for bloggers who would write on niches relating your own app. For example, app developers can pitch a children app to bloggers for mothers.

9. Apply for awards: Consider such awards as The Mobileys and Kiip Build Fund. If you get successful, you will get a ton of press to gain the best mobile app.

10. Build a podcast: You should publish your app on iTune or on your website, then draw content from the niche your app caters to most.

11. Post on Pinterest: Another good way to gain the best mobile app is uploading blog images, infographics or visual content from your app to create content on Pinterest board. Basing on this, you can even use happy customers’ photos or hold contests on Pinterest to make your app more special.


12. Always collect enough email: Collect all the emails that are accessed via Twitter or Facebook on your website. A list of email of customers who have opted in is a very potent marketing tool.

13. Create a 6-second how-to series: Make creative videos using Vine so that potential customers will find them useful. Put the hashtag #howto in it as this hashtag is of the top trending tags on Vine.

14. Utilize Dubbler: Improve the quality of your blog posts as well as contents with a niche on Dubbler – a kind of 60-second audio social network.

15. Manually recruit customers: The key point here is that you should know your customers and find them. For instance, the creator behind Canvsly reaches out to local art school libraries and pedatricians to get more potential customers.


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