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Reasons Why You Should Not Rely On Free Magento Hosting

People are always attracted by free stuff, but “free” is not good enough all the time. Studying Magento, it is likely Magento developers would hear about free Magento hosting so many times. In fact, free Magento hosting is also among the free but not good solutions. Everything happens for a reason, so does free Magento solution. To understand more why this statement is strongly approved, look through some discussion below.


You can read article Free Magento hosting-does it work? on Magento Expert Forum for more details. If you take a glance at this writing, you will see that all the comments on free Magento hosting are quite negative. It really does not work well.

The main reasons are:

1. Magento Server Resource For Free Magento Hosting

Magento is a platform requiring so many server resources, so it is considered quite expensive to deal with the service for free. Besides, you should make sure that the service can work well at the beginning as it may fail later causing loss of time and money  for you to move to other hostings. In addition, the free Magento hosting usually takes much time to develop as it is quite slow. As you may know, the Magento development is also not cheap at all.

Just with this reason, you may rethink about setting up free Magento hosting without any benefits.

2.Who to support well with free Magento hosting service?

Have you ever consider that someone will develop Magento for free? Of course not. For the most part, Magento developers can not spend their time on developing such a website without any benefits. Therefore, it’s time for you to rely on other hostings.

3. Money And Time Spent On Free Magento Hosting

At first, you decide to configure your Magento website with free Magento hosting service to save money. But in fact, this action can cause loss of time and money in the future.

  • Check elaborately all the Magento hostings and select the most high-quality Magento hosting service. With just 5 minutes, you can attain your desired website, whereas, it will take you more with free Magento hosting.
  • The truth is, not all Magento developers agree to work for free with free Magento hosting as it is very slow and happens some bugs sometimes which requires you much time to control and also lose a lot of your money.
  • One of the most important things of a successful Magento website is its time to load the page. You customers will get impatient and are willing to turn their back to your website if it is too slow.
  • You pay for a fast and high-quality development of hosting and development service, keep deadline or slow motions?

Final thoughts,

If you are considering why so many people still believe in using free Magento hosting, it is not strange as they find a good service provider. But the good one today does not mean it will be good tomorrow, so be smart enough to choose the most suitable Magento service for your website.

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