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How To Develop Magento IOS App Successfully

As Magento is becoming optimal choice for e-commerce business, at the same time, the number of iOS mobile users is rising significantly, the integration between them becomes a certain thing.

Magento iOS app

The first and best Solution to create Magento Mobile App

Do you want to develop a successful Magento iOS app to gain powerful control on your marketplace as well as attain extreme involvement of mobile users?

Great! It’s time to show you some pointers on how to get a g
rasp on Magento’s XMLConnect, a wonderful extension that serves Magento Mobile application, especially Magento iOS app and Android app.

Keep in mind that XMLConnect extension is ‘preinstalled’ in Magento CE 1.5 and in later versions, but you can get it from Magento Connect.

The whole picture

A long time ago, Magento Mobile was a great solution released for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It includes two parts: a Magento web store with an installed and configured XMLConnect extension and a native application itself.
XMLConnect extension is set up with the purpose of serving your desired application with requested data such as product information, category listing, etc… and execute actions such as login, buy, checkout, etc…)

Specifically, the application will send a request called plain HTTP GET/POST to your Magento store (XML Connect) and it will respond with an XML result.

The following approaches are likely to help you get familiar with XMLConnect:

1. Set up a Magento online store on your web server filling it with necessary data.

2. Next, reach Magento admin -> Mobile -> Manage apps to add a new mobile application

3. Then, install Magento mobile on your device.

4. Experience Magento Mobile on your device with your Magento store URL and the app code of the application you have just created in Magento admin->Mobile

Magento iOS app

While setting up Magento iOS app, keep an eye on Apache activity log file to know exactly what the application requests from the server.

For example, the first request would probably be the application configuration request.


Recognizing an app code in this request (in this example it is “defand1″) and your device’s screen size (here it’s “480×800″).

Let’s check out what this request will result in. In your browser, navigate to:


(Certainly, replace “magentoivica.loc” with your web server name. Recognize the rest of the URL?)

After all, what you should get is an entire configuration of your app (as it is set in your Magento admin) in an XML format.

Using this practice, you can exploit the highest capabilities of XMLConnect. Also, it may be helpful for you to get into the code of XMLConnect if you want to take control of some more advanced actions (such as the checkout process).

So, now you know the bases to utilize XMLConnect, how to make a request and what to expect for a good result. But, how to use this information for a Magento iOS app?

You probably already know something about parsing XML data. Hopefully, it may help you to have the basical understanding to build a successful Magento iOS app.

Simicart – great solution for Magento iOS app and Android app

You may wonder what Simicart solution can contribute for an outstanding Magento iOS app. Utilizing Simicart, you need no coding skills, which is a great advantage. Moreover, you will be provided with all techniques to create successful Magento iOS app as well as Android app. For more useful information about Simicart’s features and functions as well as its utility, please click here.

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