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3 Reasons Why We Choose Magento Mobile App to Boost eCommerce Store

Nowadays there are many open source e-commerce platforms available but the popularity of the Magento platform is increasing day by day. Online businesses are migrating rapidly to Magento especially using Magento Mobile App due to its rich feature and powerful inbuilt functionalities.

If you are a part of online retail space, then you must be familiar with the virtues of Magento platform. The explosive growth of mobile e-commerce has made it necessary for retailers to respond to the booming mobile sales

Being the most widely used eCommerce CMS platform, Magento has created a lot of stir by providing a variety of scalable solutions to help online businesses grow and prosper. Owing to its popularity, more and more website owners are switching to it, and thus managing their stores with a great precision.

However, with the increasing demand for online shopping, the demand for mobile e-commerce has also sprung up. Today, as an online merchant, you just can’t ignore to develop a store that doesn’t respond to the needs of mobile customers. E-commerce is a big business, and to make the most out of it, you need to go all out to make sure that you reach your customers in the manner most effective.

When it comes to e-commerce, retailers must ensure that they are designing their website for a range of devices, both mobile and desktop. Mobile phones and tablets have become a choice for online shoppers. And Magento Mobile App, which is native app, can surely help you to serve your mobile customers better, thus keeping your brand ahead of the curve. It is high on mobile friendliness and responsive abilities and has necessary features and options that let your customers shop when and wherever they want.

In this article, we will discuss about why Magento Mobile App is a great platform for mobile e-commerce. Below, you’ll find a list of compelling reasons favoring Magento Mobile App for creating a pleasurable mobile shopping experience to your customers.

TOP The best advantages of m-commerce for bussiness

1. Responsive Theme as Opposed To an App

Responsive design is a designing approach which helps you to create a website that gracefully fits to the specifications of multiple devices. It’s a great solution for creating a pleasurable mobile viewing experience, regardless of the device being used to view a website. The platform offers a great deal of responsive themes that look beautiful, professional, and mobile-friendly.

When using a responsive theme, any mobile web user is going to scale to the size of the mobile device. Tablet and smartphone users are going to be able to see your site and have it fit on their screen, this means that they will not have to rearrange it themselves. The framework within Magento is flexible enough to develop and design a responsive shopping cart website. However, with a Magento Mobile App – dedicated app created with Magento Mobile, users have the same functionality as with a mobile device, including notifications, multi-touch functions, and swipe. The responsive theme is unable to use all the abilities of the device because it runs in the mobile device web browser.

2. Magento Mobile App 

Magento has evolved quite impressively to provide a convenient online shopping experience to people. Magento merchants now have facility to create magento mobile apps and synchronize it with their store. Creating a Magento Mobile App lets you interact with your customers better. The app helps you giving them push notifications and let them connect with you with an utmost ease. Developing mobile apps is important these days and it ensures you to get engaged with your customers. In fact a research conducted by Adobe states that 38% of Smartphone users use app to make a purchase, thus reinforcing an increased focus on this platform to ensure a better mobile shopping experience.

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3. The Best Players in Mobile Commerce

There are many Magento Mobile App Builder which help you provide a great shopping experience to mobile shoppers. Some of them are described as follows:

SimicartSimiCart is the perfect solution for Magento Mobile App. Is a product of Magestore – the top 3 Magento E-commerce solutions provider. They have been working in Magento field since 2009 and well known for their sophisticated products. With SimiCart, you can be assured to even tiny little details such as the position of a button for best user experience, the fast checkout process, product types, shipping, tax, so on…

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Shopgate Shopgate is a sophisticated toolkit for any Magento user who wants to create a feature-rich mobile e-commerce store. It also includes various options for mobile marketing, including barcode, QR scanner, push messages and a lot more.


Mobify- Mobify is a tool which you can use with your Magento site to ensure a delightful shopping experience. It’s an ideal solution to build a mobile-optimized Magento store in no time.


Final Thought

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform designed to empower online merchants and remove barriers in business process and flow.  As one of the best ecommerce platform, Magento Mobile App is destined to dominate this online shopping era. It brings better opportunities to the online merchants to give their customers reasons to stay and browse more on their mobile apps no matter where they are.

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